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(Pronunciation of Futch: it rhymes with Dutch)

Our next speaker is Ken Futch. Ken has faced some very difficult situations in life. He has had a mule step on his head, has been attacked by a crazed sow, had his nose flattened by a fisherman’s boat paddle while water-skiing, and accidentally shot himself in the head with his own gun. The best part is, all this is true.

He said it took a shot through the head to open his mind.

Ken went from washing windshields at his Dad’s service station to leading a combat platoon in Vietnam, from being the top revenue producer in a group of 6,000 AT&T salespeople to becoming one of only 300 speakers internationally recognized as a certified speaking professional. In July of 2014, Ken was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

His book Take Your Best Shot focuses on turning situations into opportunities. Today he is going to share with us ideas on how we can take OUR best shot and capitalize on OUR opportunities.

Please help me welcome Ken Futch.


Changed my life. Nothing has had a more profound impact on helping me discover a part of myself, and catapulting my career.” Candie Hurley, Alcatel – Lucent